BONUS BARN At Mileage 6.2
(Between Nature Trail & Hyatt Lane)


  Mileage From Start: 6.20 Miles
  Distance To Nature Barn: Approx. 100'
  Latitude At Nature Trail: TBA
  Longitude At Nature Trail: TBA
  Elevation: TBA

     We have an update (thanks to Gatlinburg's own Ken Carter!) that this is the barn left after they  tore down Kermit Caughron's house a couple of years ago. He lived there all his life and when he died they tore down his house but left his barn. 

Another Update <SMILE>

Your pictures are great.  However, the picture you list as Kermit Caughron's barn was actually his father, George Caughron's barn.  Kermit did use the barn to store hay; but it was built by his father George.

 My name is Ruth Caughron Davis; Kermit was my father, George my grandfather.


Thank YOU Ruth!!!!  Hello to 'Mom' from us!!!! (And a HUG) steve & carolyn

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     As your odometer approaches 6.20, on your LEFT you will see a pull-off with a large barn to your LEFT!  This large barn is apparently used for storage of hay, as there was quite a bit of hay inside on the ground level in front of a stall, there was also hay up in the main loft, along with the upper loft!


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To See The Intersection At HYATT ROAD, Click HERE!

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