Carter Shields Cabin


  Mileage From Start: 8.2 Miles
  Distance To Cabin: Approx. 200'
  Latitude At Cabin: N35 35.40821'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 47.93594'
  Elevation: 1,883.43'
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     At mile marker 8.2 (from start at the orientation center), this land was bought in 1910, after Washington 'Carter' Shields  married and returned from the Battle of Shiloh in 1906, by which he was crippled for life by a battle wound.  He lived her for only 11 years before leaving.

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Click HERE For To See The Intersection Of SPARKS LANE
Which Cuts Off LEFT!

Click HERE To See The Intersection At Odometer 9.8 From Start
(A Road Cuts LEFT - No Motor Vehicles Allowed)


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