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  1,300+ Photos As Of 6/24/2001
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Order Your OWN Discover Cades Cove CD!

     Waiting on the pictures to display can be annoying and time consuming.  How would you like to have the entire Cades Cove Virtual Tour on a CD, where pictures display at the click of your mouse?

     SURPRISE the Cades Cove Lover that you know with their own Discover Cades Cove Virtual Tour CD!  Whether it by a husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, just think of the enjoyment that your mom or dad, or grandpa or grandma  will have reliving their precious memories of their own previous Cades Cove visits as they go inside the cabins, barns, look out windows, look up in attics just as when they were last here!  They may be so pleased that they will even bring YOU back to Cades Cove WITH THEM!

     DON'T FORGET friends and family that may now be a bit old to make the trip and or hiking demands, or physically challenged friends or family that have NEVER BEFORE been able to enjoy all these areas.  They now, also, can physically 'see' what everyone else has been talking about.  They, too can fully experience the views, 'walk' the nature trail and look forward, left, right and behind, and SHARE God's beauty! There is MUCH TO LITTLE access made available for wheelchairs etc., and it is hard to understand why every possible point of interest does NOT have wheelchair access.  We personally believe that alternate paved access trails could be brought in aesthetically,  but if that were not possible, then let it be ONLY paved access, then all our physically challenged brothers and sisters could be right there with us!  Amen??

     We are constantly updating this Discover Cades Cove website, and we will be happy to send you the most current Virtual Tour for your own personal use, for the cost of only $19.77 (Tennessee residents send $21.45 to cover state sales tax).  Sorry, No COD's Available.

     This price INCLUDES U.S. Mail shipping and handling!  If you are outside the continental US, E-mail us for rates.  E-mail us for your special shipping requirement needs such as overnight delivery etc.

     We are not yet set up to SECURELY accept credit card orders online, so we ask that you please us mail us a check or money order, cashiers check ONLY.  Please click HERE to see a form you can print and us mail along with your payment.  Don't forget to include your E-Mail address so we can send you update info and Cades Cove news and happenings as they occur!  

For a printable order form, please click HERE! 

     This CD will work with any DOS based computer (does not work with Macintosh PC's) that have Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above (supplied with Windows) or compatible browser.  You can DOWNLOAD the latest version of Internet Explorer free at Microsoft.com

     Note: This CD may not be reproduced, copied, duplicated nor may any part of it be taken and used for any purposes including online publishing either for personal or commercial use.  Please honor us by not pirating this data, it took well over 1,000 man hours to produce, and the reasonable price breaks down CURRENTLY (with more picture being added daily) to just over one penny per picture!

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