Henry Whitehead Place Homestead


  Mileage From Start: 6.1 Miles
  Distance To Cabin: Approx. 200'
  Latitude At Cabin: N35° 34.71327'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83° 50.30180'
  Elevation: 1,970.31'
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     Henry courted and married Matilda after his wife died an left him with 3 kids to raise. He built for them this larger house of square-sawed logs. The log sections are four inches thick, enough to provide plenty of insulation. The building looks like a frame house until you notice the jointed corners. Some call it a “transition” house a link between regular log houses and frame houses built of sawed lumber and that is how it was connected to Matilda’ small log cabin. This pair of buildings represents the roughest and finest of log construction in the Smokies.


Below Are A Few BONUS Views  Between The HENRY WHITEHEAD CABIN
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Click HERE For A View OF The Intersection At Mileage 5.75 From Start!
Where The Road Cuts RIGHT To A Small Cemetery

Click HERE For A View FROM The Intersection At Mileage 5.75 From Start!
Looking Down The Road Towards A Small Cemetery

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