Methodist Church


  Mileage From Start: 2.45 Mile
  Latitude At Church: N35 36.43032
  Longitude At Church: W83 49.01329
  Elevation: 1,698.20'

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Detailed Information And ADDITIONAL AREAS & VIEWS!

     At mile marker 2.45 (From start of tour) you will see the parking area for the Methodist Church on your RIGHT.  As you walk towards the Church you will notice that it has two doors in the front.  This typically indicates that the Church sat men on one side, and women on the other.  This Church didn't follow that tradition, but was built from building plans borrowed from a sister Church that divided the congregation.  J.D. McCampbell using his carpenter's skills (he was also a blacksmith), built this church in 1902, in 115 days, for $115.00!

     As you walk up towards the left door (4 steps) or the side door (3 steps), you enter into the inside of the Methodist Church.  You will notice many pews, along with a podium, piano and a donation box.  Note: Click on the 'inside' hyperlink, then you can click on and look out every window and see the ACTUAL VIEW out that window!

Below Are A Few BONUS Views  Between The METHODIST CHURCH
NOTE: Mileages Below Are Calculated From
(If you went to the Primitive Baptist Church, Subtract That Mileage)

Click HERE For A View FROM The Pull-Off At Mileage3.20 From Start!

Click HERE To See Where The Road Crosses The Creek At Mileage 3.25 From Start!

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