Mileage From Start: 5.75 Miles
  Distance To Nature Trail: Approx. 20'
  Latitude At Nature Trail: N35 35.27977'
  Longitude At Nature Trail: W83 50.07996'
  Elevation: 1,871.06
Take Me Straight To The Following:


      WELCOME! If you'd like to take the whole tour through approximately 10 markers, just click on the 'Take Me Straight To The Following' Menu Option: Start The Self Guided Nature Trail!  You will start at the sign at the beginning of the trail.  You can usually click on any small picture and enlarge it, whenever you have seen all you like at each marker, just 'click' on the button at the bottom of each page...NEXT STOP.  That will take you to the following marker!  REMEMBER, at EVERY marker you will first arrive looking FORWARD...there you can choose to look LEFT, RIGHT and even BACK behind you, just as if you were THERE!  Or you can selectively choose a marker by selecting the 'drop-down menu option' or below as each stop is listed separately, there are a few EXTRA choices below, such as parking views, etc. ENJOY!
     As your odometer approaches 5.75, you will see a pull-off on your RIGHT, (a second pull-off is approximately 100' beyond) and a sign depicting the Self Guided Nature Trail.  The trail starts on your RIGHT and starts a gradual incline, a short distance ahead, you will see a sign pointing LEFT to 5 wooden steps, climbing the steps, you proceed forward a few hundred feet until you see MARKER #1:WHITE PINES, walking forward you will soon  see MARKER #2 YELLOW POPLAR, walking forward you will soon see MARKER #3 (MAPLE), walking forward you will soon see MARKER #4:THE DOGWOODS, walking forward you will soon see NUMBER 5:CHESTNUT OAK, walking forward you will soon see MARKER #6:WHITE OAK, Walking forward you soon will see MARKER #7:SOURWOOD, walking forward you will soon see MARKER #8:LICHENS, walking forward you will soon see MARKER #9:BERRIES, walking forward you will soon see MARKER #10:CONCLUSION.


Below Are A Few BONUS Views  Between The x
& The Next Stop: x
NOTE: Mileages Below Are Calculated From
(Ex: If you went to the Primitive Baptist Church, Subtract That Mileage)


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