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      WELCOME! This is a VIRTUAL TOUR of the Picnic Area, showing many views, also actual picnic sites where you can look around, see what all is on each site, and help you choose that 'perfect' picnic site.  

     Picnic Sites are available on a 'first come -- first serve' basis, so you may want to pick out a few areas you like best, in case some of them are already occupied. 

     We are adding many more sites ASAP, it will take a while as there are many, and we are starting at a bad time, right in the beginning of the busiest season.  So take a look at a few sites, and more will be added as soon as possible! 

     ENJOY your picnic when you get here, remember, you will be in a wildlife sanctuary. The picnic area is in one of the areas frequented by bears and other wildlife.  PLEASE put all your leftovers, trash, etc. in one of the nearby bear-proof dumpsters, you will NOT be helping bears or other wildlife by leaving leftovers on or near your previous picnic site, and will endanger the very life of all God's beautiful animals.

     EXAMPLE: Just recently there was an encounter between a bear and a human sleeping in a hammock in the nearby campground in the middle of the night.  Allegedly there was food left nearby, when the person woke up, he somehow startled the foraging bear, and a startled bear bit a startled human on the arm (news sources claimed no serious damage was done, but obviously could have been much worse).  BECAUSE of certain liability concerns, not only was the probable bear destroyed, a 2nd bear in the area was ALSO destroyed to make sure the correct bear was destroyed, (ONE of the bears was not even involved, but due to the situation, BOTH were destroyed).  It was just a bad situation that may have been prevented, by extra care taken to make SURE that ALL FOOD & EQUIPMENT USED TO PREPARE FOOD be stored safely away (preferably in the trunk of a vehicle).  

     We, too, are tempted to feed a begging squirrel, raccoon or even a deer occasionally, but DON'T DO IT!  Not only may it end up costing the animal it's life.....but if a Park Ranger catches you, that peanut you just gave a begging squirrel WILL ABSOLUTELY result in you being close to a HUNDRED DOLLARS lighter!



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