Tour Start At Orientation Shelter



  Mileage From Start: 0.0 Mile
  Latitude At Start: 3536'23.27"N
  Longitude At Start: 8346'37.93"W
  Elevation: 2,089.08'

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     As you pass the entrance for the picnic area, camp ground and horseback riding areas, you will come to a parking area with a covered pavilion area where you can purchase a printed tour guide for one dollar, from a rack (honor system).  There is also a donation box to help the "Friends of the Smokies" here.  Now lets start the tour!

     The start of the 11-mile one-way loop through Cades Cove officially starts at the gate.  This scenic drive is closed to motor vehicles Wednesdays and Saturdays until after 10:00 AM, to facilitate a safer environment for cyclists.  Helmets are still recommended for cyclists at all times.  There is also a sign warning cyclists this loop is rated moderately difficult and numerous accidents do occur each year.

     Just a few yards past the gate is a sign for the Rich Mountain Loop Trail , that leads off to the right with a reported distance of 0.5 miles to the Crooked Arm Ridge Trail, posted below is a sign with trail rules listed.  For a view looking left towards the mountains from this area, click HERE!

 & The Next Stop: JOHN OLIVER CABIN:

Click HERE For A View From The Left Side Pull-Off At Mileage 0.10 From Start!


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